Monday, September 20, 2010

Running, Spiders, Sunrises and The Devil....

I started my run by walking out of my front door and into a black widow spider web! A little past 6am this morning the sun was on the rise which was amazingly beautiful this morning; it had hues of orange, purple, yellow and red!  Beams of light were bursting from behind the few scattered clouds in the sky and I felt compelled to keep running even though I thought the devil was riding on my shoulders.  It was as HOT as poo.... 85 degrees... @ 6AM....  Overall it was a good run (3 miles @ 8:15). Tomorrow 4 miles, day off, 3 miles, day off and end the week with another 4 miles! Total of 14 miles for the week! (I killed the spider by the way!!!)

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