Monday, February 28, 2011

TWO for TWO...

As if crashing on my bike next to a busy road wasn't enough! 

Today I set out on an easy 4 mile run... I figured it would be great to bring Tyson (My dog!) with because it was gonna be short and slow! Well, he got spooked by some enormous 5th grader and ran under my feet. I tumbled into the road! I have lovely road rash on my right shoulder... my right hip... my right butt cheek... and both hands! Not to mention a double bruised pride! This time in front of a bunch of kids! I defiantly didn't look cool...

I am afraid to workout outside now. What will be next? My knee from yesterday has now turned a lovely back'n'blue color. I guess it just isn't my month! I don't even want to drive to school tomorrow. With an ATV crash a couple weeks ago and my bike and running crash this week I think I have had enough beatings for this year! I hope so anyways!

Maybe I need to name my running shoes too!

February Recap!
ATV Dunes Adventure- 1 / Kristal- 0
30 Mile Bike Ride -1 / Kristal- 0
3.5 Mile Run-1 / Kristal- 0

No worries... I will get 'em next month!


And down she goes!

Saturday was icky out but Sunday afternoon the weather cleared up! Tim and I grabbed our bikes and headed north to get on a bike trail. It was our first adventure to the urban bike trail and it was AWESOME! The trail had bi-passes that went under every road. (No stopping for traffic!) We followed the trail along the canal for about 15 miles and then turned around to head back to the truck. For a grand total of 30 miles!

Oh but that isn't the whole story... I crashed about 25 miles into our ride! Well, I really just fell over at a slow rate of speed. It's actually hard to explain but I will do my best! We were riding along the trail and missed the bi-pass under the road. We headed up this hill to cross at the road. I was following behind Tim, a little too close! He stopped at the street... However I didn't see him stop because I was looking down to un-clip a foot. When I looked up, there he was! I swerved sharply to the same side I had just un-clipped. I had no room to put my foot down so I let go of my handle bar and braced myself for the fall. It was like super slow motion but I survived.

The inside of my knee, totally weird placement considering I fell on my side, got a little raspberry on it.  My wrist took most of the impact so it is a little stiff but otherwise I am GOOD TO GO! I think my pride was hurt the most... not only was Tim laughing at me but so were the people driving by! (Thankfully Tim didn't think of pulling out his iPhone for a photo shoot like 5 Miles Past Empty's friends!)

I crashed a few times as a kid on my bike and once on my mountain bike as an "adult", but this was my first crash with my new fancy road bike! I am still breaking it in... Well maybe it is safe to say it is nice and broken in now! 

I think it is time for a NAME!!!!!! 

Got any good ideas? Help a sister out!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Starting Over!

It is tough work starting over again! After my JELLO legs on Tuesday, I though the week would be a bust. Oh boy was I wrong... Tim and I rocked out 20 miles on the bike yesterday and I ran 6 miles today!! YEAH BABY! I feel so refreshed after a decent run. I kinda fell off of P90X, except for Ab Ripper X but it's ok because the biking and running is kicking my butt!

The splits for my 6 mile run today were:
Mile 1- 7:58
Mile 2- 7:58
Mile 3- 7:59
Mile 4- 7:56
Mile 5- 8:01
Mile 6- 7:53
Average- 7:58
Total Time- 47:46

This weekend is calling for RAIN... I know right! My outdoor running and biking might be on hold until the weather breaks. I can always catch up on school work and P90X... or I can sit around and be lazy all weekend. I could always work on Jessica's quilt. Decisions! Decisions! It might be rainy this weekend but next weekend it should be sunny with a high in the 70's up to 80 degrees! That's the Arizona spring weather we love so much. I might try and talk Tim into a camping adventure.

Happy Running!

~ Kristal

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My legs feel like JELLO...

No plyometrics today! After Tim and I biked 10 miles, I was DUN! D-U-N! We didn't go far but we stayed in a hard gear and went a little faster than normal. My legs are so dead from this bike-run-bike-run-bike-run schedule I have been doing. My calves feel like they got ran over by a bus or something! 

For dinner tonight I had left-over spaghetti! I loaded it up with some Tillamook Colby Jack Cheese and added a side of Texas Toast garlic bread! I run, bike and workout so I can eat this! YUM YUM YUM! I think it's just about time for some Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints)!!!

Happy Running-
     Silly Kristal

Monday, February 21, 2011

Last Week Recap!

After coming back from the Dunes camping trip last weekend, I was a little stiff... I was lazy at the beginning of the week but bounced back strong! I only managed to squeeze in three P90X workouts but did a little running and biking! In miles, I biked a 14, 20, & 15 on three separate days, then ran a 5 & 3 in-between my bike days! With 57 miles of biking and running behind me, I call it a successful week!

Now for the bummer news... Tim and I finally made it up to Luke AFB and got our military ID cards but only to find out that the pool is closed! OH NOOOOO! How am I supposed to start training for a triathlon without a pool? I might have to do the unthinkable... Get a gym membership! I know, what a waste, paying someone to workout everyday. I already pay too much to participate in the actually events, and now they are about to get me for training too! Oh WOW! Life goes on!

Today, if I can get off my lazy butt, I plan on going for a run and doing P90X (Back/Chest + Ab Ripper). The rain has finally gone away and has only left behind some scattered clouds. I better get as much workin' out done before the rain comes again this weekend. Two weekends in a row of rain! I thought we lived in Arizona.... weird!

Happy Running!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I finally signed up for PAT'S RUN! It's funny how some things are just meant to be, I was meant to run this race! No... really... I was, just listen! This is a fundraiser race in memory of Pat Tillman. The Pat Tillman Foundation gives back to military families and veterans. Pat had a passion for his family, football and his country. He was a star football player at ASU (Whoop Whoop). He went on to play in the NFL for the AZ Cardinals. Pat gave up his professional football career to join military as an Army Ranger. While deployed to Afghanistan, Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire during a fire-fight. He died serving the country he loved so much. It is an awesome fundraiser for an awesome cause and I am proud to be a US Army Veteran myself. 

Why should I run this race?.. Because we are sooooo much alike its crazy!

Pat went to ASU (I sooo go to ASU.)
Pat joined the ARMY (Me too...)
Pat was stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA (I grew up just around the corner!)
Pat loved his country (Proud to me an American myself.)
Pat served in Afghanistan (OEF and OIF for me!)
Pat is a Silver Star recipient (OK, you got me, I only got a Bronze Star but still... bad-ass!)
Pat was an athlete (I like to believe I am!)
Pat was 27 years old when he passed away (I will turn 27 just before the race.)
Pat was pretty much awesome (OMG... ME TOO!)

So why am I telling you all this? I am telling you this in hopes that you will make a donation!!!!  That's right folks, remember your donation is going to veterans and their families. You can visit my PAT'S RUN donation page (HERE) and make a donation today! No pressure though.... :) 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Giveaways... Giveaways!

If you haven't checked out RACING WITH BABES blog (HERE) yet, you should! She is giving away some awesome stuff in honor of her 600th post! Check out all that good stuff!!!!!!

I am Boring is also hosting an awesome giveaway on his blog (HERE)! You can get a  whole 50 bucks to spend online at CSN! Pretty much awesomeness! I want an egg poacher!

Happy Giveawaying!!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I feel alive again!!!

After taking it easy on my knee for the last month, I finally went on a RUN again!!  I feel so happy inside, like really really happy! AND.... wait for it... wait for it... my knee feels awesome! The time off was much needed but I am glad to be back! I forgot how much I enjoy running. It's sooo boring, I love it! It was slow but it felt great to run again. I ran a whopping 5 miles @ 8:21 pace. I lost some speed in my time off but I will bounce back. So, I have mostly been biking, running is so much harder! I didn't really appreciate my new fancy bike until just now. My pace this afternoon wasn't fast but it wasn't slow either... but compared to biking I felt like I wasn't even moving. This whole triathlon transitioning is going to be tough! Any advise from some veteran triathletes? 

Recovery Drink ** Shower ** Apple Crisp + Ice Cream ** Bedtime!

P.S. Check out, I am boring's blog (HERE) for a chance to win $50 gift certificate!

It's good to be back! Happy Running- Kristal

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh so easily distracted....

I skipped the whole weekend of working out!  But it was well worth it, plus I feel like I still got a workout playing around this weekend.  So what did I do?  I went to the Imperial Sand Dunes!!!  Timmy and I took the quads out and road our little hearts out.  And then... I made the mistake of saying "Lets go out for one more ride before we head home...." YUP! The truck was all packed up and then I said the famous last words before the CRASH!  YUP! YUP! YUP! Never fails! It sucked and now my neck hurts.  I took yesterday off because I was still cleaning the sand out of all our camping gear and clothes, not to mention I can't really move my head.  It's nothing too bad, it's just a little stiff.

(Tim and I look like "bad-asses")

(Couldn't resist....)

(Miles and miles of awesome riding!)


I should have taken some pictures of the bigger dunes but my nice camera didn't fit in the camelpak we brought. (Didn't want to get it all sandy) So I just grabbed the little crappy one to snap a few shots! Well, after the 2 exams last week and another 1 earlier today, I think it's time to kick my butt back in gear. Ab Ripper X here I come! Oh and I want to punch those tiny girls that post on Facebook that they fit into 0's, 3's or even 5's.... It's really not fair that I have child bearing hips because I will never fit into something smaller than a 7! Not to mention that I workout... most defiantly work harder than 95% of those bimbos! OK, I am done. Have a nice day!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

P90X is kick'in my butt!

It feels soooooo good to sweat! I am working hard but loving every second! P90X is the bestest workout EVER! If any of you are looking for a home workout program, this is it!

This stupid cold won't go away... I still have a little bit of a runny nose and a cough from hell. The sides of my nose are all dry and crusty from blowing it... OH WOW, looks very attractive! 

So last night I had a bunch of homework/studying to do so I skipped my workout---- WHAT? I know, I know, I felt so guilty in the morning I did the workout I skipped and when I get back from school today I will do todays workout!  Plyometrics this morning (the one I should have done yesterday), Shoulders and Arms followed by Ab Ripper X this afternoon! Sounds like fun! 

Well it was nice chatting with you but I better get back to studying... I have an Exam today and another Exam tomorrow.... YIKES!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sick? I don't have time to be sick!

I finished week one.... and won a fabulous cold! I have a cough, sore throat, headache, the sneezes and a runny nose! At least I don't have what Amanda had... I still have some energy. Today, I managed to muscle through an 18 mile bike ride with Timmy and did P90X (Kempo). It has been a long week!  I have been sore most of the time but the knee has done surprisingly well. The last two day have been pain free, it still feels "off" but no sharp pains! Tomorrow is all about the Super Bowl and resting of course!  I will be cheering on the Packers, as should you be! I might be loosing my voice... that might be an issue tomorrow. I baked some cookies to bring to the party. I had one, ok two, and they are delicious! YUM!

Have fun and be safe tomorrow!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Knock on wood....

So yesterday Timmy and I biked just under 11 miles and then I did Yoga X. For the first time in months, my knee didn't hurt! My knee still felt weak and a little "off" but I didn't get the sharp pains like I usually do! I am soooo excited! I hope that this last forever and ever. Today I have Legs and Back + Ab Ripper X. Tim wanted to do a "long" bike ride on Saturday (So he can drink lots of guilt free beer on Sunday!). 

Speaking of Sunday... GO PACK! 

I am looking forward to my day of rest the Super Bowl this Sunday. Tim and I are meeting up with some Packer fans to watch the game!  I am bringing a yummy bean dip and maybe a yummy dessert too. This is gonna be fun, can't wait! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2

Well yesterday was Day 2... but I was too exhausted to write a post. The plan was to do P90X (Plyometrics) and then go for a run. Plyometrics is jump training and is what P90X refers to as the “Mother” of all workouts. I was a little worried about how the knee would hold up but I think it did ok. For most of the exercises there was modified ways to perform them with a little less impact. The knee was a little tweaky so I decided not to push it and skipped the run. I KNOW! I haven’t ran in forever! I justified my skip because today I am going hiking… I know it isn’t running but supposedly the only way injuries get better is if you rest them. Plyometrics, a run followed by a hike might be over doing it just a little bit. I really need to get that ID card so I can SWIM. Swimming would be great for the knee!

Today I am going on a hike with my 2 puppies! I will be meeting up with a friend and her 2 dogs! Hopefully we can manage the 4 little terrors! After the hike, maybe before the hike, I will do my P90X for today. The plan is Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper X! I am still sore from Monday... I will push through it though! Pain is weakness leaving the body!

I know its nothing like the midwest... but Arizona is literally freezing out this morning! A whopping 31 degrees and WINDY! I think it's a good morning for some oatmeal! Yum Yum Yum!