Sunday, April 17, 2011


What an emotional run! From the playing of the national anthem to the 42 yard line finish. I loved being around so many military supporters. I am glad I got the chance to run this at least once before I left AZ.


THE GOOD: My exit plan to beat traffic and jet home (I had plans to go to the zoo later)! It worked perfectly and I was outta there quick! Actually I finished the race before some people even started... 

THE BAD: It was already hot by 7am... What the heck! To top it off, I was wearing the "HONOR 42" black t-shirt. I was dripping with sweat by the time I finished. Some of the streets got super narrow for the amount of people passing through, it kinda sucked! 

THE UGLY: I was about to go all "RED-HEAD" on the people that started in the fast waves but couldn't even run a mile.  They set up the waves by expected finish time... I was in wave 4 out of 28 (I was supposed to be in 3 but it was too packed).  As people were dropping out they were just walking in the middle of the road, all in my way! 

THE SO-SO: I guess my time was good considering the crowds and my lack of good runs in the past couple of weeks but I still wish it was a little bit faster. My official time for the 4.2 mile run was 31:47.
Total Finishers: 22,440
My Overall Place: 1,191
Total Female Finishers: 11,528
My Female Place: 154

I finished, raced back back to the house and got ready for the Phoenix ZOO!!  By the time we got to the zoo it was really hot, I put on sunblock 3 times yesterday (only got a little sunburned). 

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Now I better get back to quilting... I have been slacking and Jessica graduates in like 2 1/2 weeks!! YIKES I better kick it up a gear!

Happy Running!!

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