Saturday, April 2, 2011


Big changes are in my future... as some of you already know; I didn't get accepted into ASU's nursing program. I thought I would be more upset by this than I am. It sucks to "fail" at anything but life goes on! I might not have gotten into the program at ASU but I certainly have not counted myself out. ASU’s program is really tough to get into; a lot of smart young people get turned down every semester. So what now? Tim and I are planning on moving up “north” and I will find a new school. A new adventure is on the rise! I am excited!

On an even brighter note, I finally had a run I can smile about! This morning I knocked out a 6 mile run. It wasn’t super speedy but it was good. I started struggling between mile 3-4 but I forged on! I ran the whole 6 miles, no stopping, it was amazing! It was the first time since I gave blood that I really felt like I was being productive with my run! I am looking forward to a strong April running month!   

4.2.11 Run Route and Stats

Total Miles- 6:13
Total Time- 51:17
Average Mile- 8:22

Mile1- 8:27
Mile 2- 8:14
Mile 3- 8:16
Mile 4- 8:14
Mile 5- 8:18
Mile 6- 8:22
Cool Down- 0.13 (10:42 pace)

My run was followed by an amazing recovery drink! It's bomb diggity bomb!

Now for some serious quilting so Jessica has a graduation gift to open! I am so jealous proud of Jessica for finishing school and becoming a real adult! Maybe I will be a real adult someday too, with a degree and everything!!!   

Happy Running

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  1. Wooohooo for quilting and running and moving North just not to far north you know Canada's up there right? But true story Tacoma is north of Phoenix!