Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5... It's a love hate thing...

Some would say I have a little OCD...  (OK, maybe I do when it comes to cleaning but not when it comes to my love-hate relationship with even numbers and 5's)  I have a really good excuse for the number thing!  Here is another story from my later childhood/teen years.  The days of living on the "big block" couldn't last forever.  We moved to a bigger better house when I was in 6th-7th grade (about 10 blocks away-2 big blocks over).  This new house however came with a ghost.  This ghost would change the time on my alarm clock if I set it to an even number or a 5 (I tested this many times).  Creepy right?  No way, I embraced this oddity.  To this day, I HAVE to set my alarm clock with a time ending in 1, 3, 7, or 9...  This number thing has sorta manifested into my daily living.  For example I request odd number hotel rooms (on an odd floor and odd number)...  But this 5 mile run is messing me up!  I love running 5 miles but deep in my bones I know I should hate it, the ghost wouldn't approve of this...  I rocked out another 5 miles this morning faster than ever!  My ankle is bothering me a little but other than that I feel super strong!  Motivated!  

Super excited for the weekend races!  I just realized that no matter what I am going to get 2 new PR's...  It will be my first time racing an official 10K and 5K... So no matter how fast or how slow I run, I am still a winner!

Now is as good of time as any for a little give-a-way!  So Check out my prizes tab to see how to get something really cool....

Love It!


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