Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Is January really over??? This just means that I am one month closer to my sunny summer days! Heck, I would settle for a sunny spring day at this point. I am just looking for low 60's but wouldn't mind a  warmer day mixed in there! I am told that here in Wisconsin the "winter" kinda lingers on through MARCH???? NOOOOO!!!! I checked the weather in all my favorite southern cities and I am so jealous as I am still hovering around freezing. This year has been "sooo mild" say the experts but if it's worse next year the world might be short one Timothy... Why did I listen! I am so sick of walking into a smelly gym to run! I am sick of it! Running in one place is silly! I want to explore the outdoors and maybe get into some trail races. Sometimes I think about running outside in the cold. Then I think of me slipping and falling... I would be stranded out in the cold... freezing... left to die. It needs to be at least in the 50's before I try to make it in the real world. 

So how did January turn out? Not too shabby! It was a good start, I completed a fair amount of workouts and I am still going strong. No real issues with the knee and I am no where close to burnt out! Whoop Whoop!!!! This is what my month looked like...

Hope that February is much more full and I remain injury free! I am going to keep tracking my improvement over the next month and by my birthday, I want to be signed up for the WisconsinRev3 this summer. I am excited just thinking about it!!!! Olympic/Standard or Half Iron??? That is the question!! 

Off to swim... This is going to be a good month, I can feel it! 

Happy Swim-Bike-Running!