Challenge Me!

I am just too excited right now!!!  I have one goal in mind right now and that is to run a Full Marathon.  But what am I suppose to do after I finish?  This is where you come into play, I need your help!  Challenge me!  Simply write in the comment box a goal for me... It can be a specific fitness event, a time goal, a distance goal, just about anything you can think of.  If I find your challenge worthy of my time you will be added to my list!!!!  Fun right??

P.S. I am counting on you Andy.... for some good ones!

Silly Kristal's Goals
1.) Complete a Full Marathon (Goal Accomplished Jan 16, 2011)
2.) Complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon  (Submitted by Kristal)
3.) Boston Marathon Qualify: 3hrs 35mins/8:12 pace (Submitted by Jessica)
4.) Run a race with Michaela and Jessica in Washington! (Submitted by Michaela)


  1. Based on your recent blog do a tri! And come back to WA and run a race with Jess and I.