Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting my run on!

Finally getting to put some miles behind me!  The knee is holding in there but just doesn't feel great.  Yesterday I set out for a 13 mile run, I completed 11.  I could feel my knee tightening up somewhere around mile 5, I knew I wasn't going to make the 13.  I told my self that I will stop on an odd number... 7, 9, 11 or 13.  After hitting each milestone I would reassess my knee. At the 7 mile marker the knee felt off but not really hurting, so I pushed on to mile 9.  I could feel that when I started to slack on my stride it ached a little.  As I was finishing up mile 10, the aching seemed to be a little more sporadic.  I knew fo-sho somewhere between mile 10 and 11, that 11 was going to be my magic number!  I am very pleased with 11 miles.  It is a little depressing when I look at my original training program... Yesterday was supposed to be my first 18 mile training run!  I will just have to keep on doing what I can and try not to push myself past the breaking point again!  

On a positive note!!  I love, love, love the road bike.  I can definitely see a triathlon in the near future!  I am also done with school until January 18th!  By the start of next semester I will officially be a "MARATHONER".  Thursday morning we are taking off to drive up to Washington to see my folks!  YEAH!!!  A plus to this- My little brother Danny is coming with!!!!  The holiday spirit is slowly creeping up on me and I am feeling great.  Next week while Timmy is at school, I will be baking!  So if anyone has any great recipes that they wouldn't mind sharing with me, that would be greatly appreciated!!  

Happy Holidays!!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm back... kinda sorta!

It was a rainy mess out there today!  Reminded me of home, OH how I miss Washington.  But who really wants to go running in that crap?  NOT ME... so I kept pushing the run off until the rain finally subsided and I had no excuse.  Unfortunately, it was until 4:30 or so, which didn't give me much daylight.  I set out for 9 miles... at mile 5 my knee started to ache.  I decided to call it quits and head home.  I only finished 6 miles and at a relatively slow pace.  My knee feels a little off now.  I have a 10 mile bike ride planned for tomorrow, we will see how that goes, I might need a day off.  I am being very cautious with the old knee, better to be safe than sorry. The plus side to my run- A beautiful scene! The sunset was amazing today, I pulled out my my iphone to snap a picture but definitely didn't give it justice. 

Happy Running!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas to Kristal

WHAT???  Is that a road bike I see... Why, yes it is!  Timmy got it for me for Christmas, I think he wants a wife that will be able to walk in 20 years!  The knees need a sport with a little less impact.  Triathlon... here I come!

I am finally coming off "resting".... I ran 3 miles yesterday and it kicked my butt.  It felt really good though. I have a short bike ride planned for today and 9 mile run planned for tomorrow. Now I have to play catch up without getting hurt again!

Happy Holidays

Monday, December 6, 2010

A sad sad day...

For the first time ever... I called it quits mid run!  I can't believe it.  My knee wasn't hurting bad but it still just didn't feel right.  So before I let it start hurting real bad, I turned around and jogged back to the house.  This week was planned for a 5 + 8 + 5 + 16 = 34.  Doesn't look like I am gonna make my 153 miles in December... I already cut 20 last week and today I cut another 3 (I only made it 2 miles today). I just have to keep my goal in mind--- Finish (without walking). I HAVE to be injury free to be successful. After I got back to the house, the 2 mile jog stiffened up my knee, so the resting continues!  BOOOO!!  I will keep you posted but I think I might have to cut my 8 miles tomorrow... :( 


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Slacking vs. Resting

I am resting I swear...  My knee is definitely bum!  It is soooooo hard for me to "rest", I just feel like I am slacking, being lazy! My only goal for this whole process is to be able, come Marathon day, run 26.2 miles without stopping.  This goal can not be reached if I am injured.  I must rest and recover from this little mishap so I can finish strong!  The words from my wise and very old brother... "Good thing this thing [injury] happened now and not a week before the race."  I would have rather it not happed at all but he is right!  So, for now, I rest... I went for a walk today with the dogs and the knee tweaked a little bit.  I was going to try a short run this weekend but after the walk I am nixing that idea.  I am now shooting for Monday, 5 miles... Don't know if my knee will be ready but I am optimistic. 

Tim and I attempted to take some photos today for Christmas cards.  We didn't use either of these photos but I thought they were cute! We ended up using a photo of just us two and left the animals out!

The Zoo...

The pups and me!

The exciting news on the home-front... Kristal might be getting a road bike for X-Mas!  Cross your fingers!  They are pricey but will be way less of an impact on my body so I can do this physical working out stuff forever!!  :)