Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Post Baby Workouts!

So in case some of you guys didn't know... I had a baby!! Forrest Quincy Reszler was born at 5:15 pm on February 5th, 2013. He was 10 lbs even and 20 1/4 in long. I gained about 44 lbs, I am still struggling to loose the last 5-ish lbs. It is time to kick my butt back into gear and get in shape... Here we go again!! :) 

Since having Forrest, I have done a few bike rides and short runs but nothing substantial. Today I ran 3 miles with the jogging stroller and I absolutely sucked it up! I decided that today, I stop talking and start doing... 

Not sure what race yet-- I am open to suggestions!  

Happy Running!! :) 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Is January really over??? This just means that I am one month closer to my sunny summer days! Heck, I would settle for a sunny spring day at this point. I am just looking for low 60's but wouldn't mind a  warmer day mixed in there! I am told that here in Wisconsin the "winter" kinda lingers on through MARCH???? NOOOOO!!!! I checked the weather in all my favorite southern cities and I am so jealous as I am still hovering around freezing. This year has been "sooo mild" say the experts but if it's worse next year the world might be short one Timothy... Why did I listen! I am so sick of walking into a smelly gym to run! I am sick of it! Running in one place is silly! I want to explore the outdoors and maybe get into some trail races. Sometimes I think about running outside in the cold. Then I think of me slipping and falling... I would be stranded out in the cold... freezing... left to die. It needs to be at least in the 50's before I try to make it in the real world. 

So how did January turn out? Not too shabby! It was a good start, I completed a fair amount of workouts and I am still going strong. No real issues with the knee and I am no where close to burnt out! Whoop Whoop!!!! This is what my month looked like...

Hope that February is much more full and I remain injury free! I am going to keep tracking my improvement over the next month and by my birthday, I want to be signed up for the WisconsinRev3 this summer. I am excited just thinking about it!!!! Olympic/Standard or Half Iron??? That is the question!! 

Off to swim... This is going to be a good month, I can feel it! 

Happy Swim-Bike-Running! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Issues Tuesday!

First is the cold!!! Me + Cold = Not Motivated!  I grew up in Washington state... Yet I still prefer hot weather over cold any day of the week. When Timmy and I moved here (Wisconsin) towards the end of the summer, it was great! Heat wave hot! And now... not so hot! I step outside and instantly just want to turn around and crawl back under some covers on the sofa. I would rather stay inside and read about working out than go out in the cold. A good workout for me is getting all hot and sweaty! This means I can only workout indoors until it is at least 70 degrees out... ok maybe I could do 60-65! Somehow I have still managed to stay somewhat on track with my workouts.

Secondly, the real problem with working out is that I eat, eat and eat some more! I am definitely counter productive here! I eat like three times what I normally eat when I have a good workout. I need to find some filling yet healthy snacks! This is why sometimes athletes can gain weight instead of loosing it! I don't want to be that girl. Maybe with my workout plan I need to have meal plan too.

Well other than me eating an excessive amount of food and it being horribly cold out, life is good!  I rocked out a couple awesome swim workouts last week and a kick-ass bike ride yesterday. Tim helped me move my indoor bike trainer back upstairs. I got to watch TV and bike!  Other than me regretting eating a mini bag of popcorn before the bike ride, it was a successful ride. Although I have been putting in a good amount of effort, I need to step it up! If I know my brother Andy, he is going to be able to kick my butt at all three sports because he is the 110% effort guy! I am hoping to get in a run and a swim today... wish me luck!


Monday, January 16, 2012


I have a few races in mind... the only problem is that I need to be sure I can physically do them before I spend the money signing up for them. I know I will be good to go, maybe just a few more weeks of training before I make it official.

The good news... I am teaming up! I have someone to keep me on track, my big brother Andy is training with me via long distance. We will be trading workouts! Mixin' it up with swimming, running and biking!

Today I ran another 5K and tomorrow we start our training with a 2400 yrd swim workout that I suggested. Followed by a run orchestrated by Andy on Wednesday. I am super pumped! I hope I can hang, he is pretty hard core.

I am adding 500 yrds to my swim workout tomorrow afternoon, so it should be tough! I am also going to squeak in a short bike ride in the morning before class just to get on the bike. I have been seriously neglecting it!

I will let you know how it goes!

Happy Swimming!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race...

I may be slower and I may not be putting the oodles of miles behind me like I used to BUT I am still going out there and getting in done!

It's amazing to me that so many Americans do nothing... nothing active that is.  Yet I am kicking myself right now because I can only run 3 miles at a time, the majority of people can't even WALK 3 miles without taking a break. So I guess I am doing alright.

Last go round I got myself hurt because I thought I was Superwoman! (Although I am as close as you can get to being Superwoman without actually being her) I know now that I am prone to injury and fatigue just like my fellow homo-sapien friends.

My motto for 2012 is "slow and steady wins the race... or at least finishes them"!!!!

2012 Races
I know I need to just bite the bullet and sign up... so please give me that push!
#1- Wisconsin 1/2 Marathon (May 5th)
#2- REV3 Olympic Triathlon (Aug 12)
#3- Twin Cites Marathon (Oct 7)

Concerns, comments, input, feedback, anything... let me hear it all!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Off To A Really Good Start!

Ran 3.44 miles yesterday and swam 1800 yrds today.

Run Workout
The dreaded treadmill... I feel like it's cheating! 
It seems so much easier than running outside.

Swim Workout

I am exhausted but it feels awesome! I am so excited to finally get back in the pool. I have no idea how I made it through high school. Working out twice a day seems crazy to me right about now! Running another marathon seems silly too but I know I will get back to that level. I didn't make a new years resolution but I have some goals I would like achieve. First is to run 1,000 miles this year, complete a 1/2 marathon, a full marathon and do my first triathlon! Seems like a lot but I have a whole year!!! 

Slow and steady!

:) Kristal

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lazy Days!

These days I have turned into a lazy bum. I have become the girl who just reads about running. I find myself making excuses not to work out. At first it was the move and starting school. But now its has turned into it's too cold, I need a gym membership, I don't have time, I will start again next week... and so on! The truth of the matter is that I need to suck it up and make time. Enough with the excuses!

Today is a new day!

You have to start somewhere. With my injury track record, slow and steady is going to be the key to my success. I ran 2 miles this afternoon. It was 45 and sunny so I seized the day and hit the road. I know it was short but it was sweet! I hope I can find the motivation and stick with it.

Happy Holidays!


Friday, May 27, 2011

A quick jog in the mountains!

What a beautiful run! I made my way back to Washington on Wednesday, despite it being cold and rainy, I am glad to be home. Yesterday it rained and rained and rained, so I opted out of of my run. Today I woke up to cloudy skies and thought another day out. However, to my surprise the clouds broke up and I saw blue... I quickly grabbed my running shoes and headed out! I totally under estimated the hilly terrain. I planned to run an easy 3 miles, 4 if I was feeling froggy. I headed down the hill into Roslyn, I turned around after a mile and started running uphill... I made it 2 miles! It was short but refreshing. 

A view from the top!

I hope to have more beautiful adventures in the next 2 weeks. Maybe I will be able to put a good chunk of miles behind me on my vacation! 

-Happy Running

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little bit is better than nothing!

I attempted to run this morning... I made it 4.25 miles. I had to stop just after 2 miles because I was certain that I was going to barf, surprisingly I didn't! It seems like these days I get a little run in when I can but haven't been sticking to the schedule. I think part of my problem this morning was not fueling beforehand. I got up, dressed, drank a glass of OJ, got Tyson and took off running. (p.s. It was the OJ that was coming up during the run!) I was up and running by 7am and didn't even use an alarm! Perhaps I still haven't recovered from the weekend. I know that I can't keep using the blood giving as an excuse but I have plenty of others... On a more positive note, Tyson has became the perfect running buddy. OK, maybe not perfect but he does good. I feel so bad leaving Jack behind but every time I bring him he ends up not running and I either drag him or carry him.

I got a new running outfit from my momma and daddy today!!  I love getting that kind of mail, makes my day! It is super cute. It is a black and white Adidas top and bottom. I think I might break them in tomorrow... (maybe).

Also I would just like to point out that my cousin Jamie and I made the best Easter eggs EVER this year! We would have won some sort of contest if we entered them, I am sure of it! We had a blast this weekend. We sat at the pool (had a little encounter with a thinks she is all that and a bag of chips mexican chick...), saw Mumford & Sons in concert (bitchin'), shot guns in the desert (found a wild cactus!), made super cool Easter eggs (pictured below!), went to an Easter brunch with some local friends (played board games and hung out), hiked hole in the rock (Jamie found a huge snake) and got a tan in the mean time!! WHOOP WHOOP

Are these not the coolest Easter eggs you have ever seen???  

Well the school semester is almost over... and summer is here! I am so ready for this break from school! OH SHNAPS.... I have to finish Jessica's quilt! :) Hope you have a good week! I will be out camping at the lake this weekend, hopefully I can get a good run in!

-Happy Running

Sunday, April 17, 2011


What an emotional run! From the playing of the national anthem to the 42 yard line finish. I loved being around so many military supporters. I am glad I got the chance to run this at least once before I left AZ.


THE GOOD: My exit plan to beat traffic and jet home (I had plans to go to the zoo later)! It worked perfectly and I was outta there quick! Actually I finished the race before some people even started... 

THE BAD: It was already hot by 7am... What the heck! To top it off, I was wearing the "HONOR 42" black t-shirt. I was dripping with sweat by the time I finished. Some of the streets got super narrow for the amount of people passing through, it kinda sucked! 

THE UGLY: I was about to go all "RED-HEAD" on the people that started in the fast waves but couldn't even run a mile.  They set up the waves by expected finish time... I was in wave 4 out of 28 (I was supposed to be in 3 but it was too packed).  As people were dropping out they were just walking in the middle of the road, all in my way! 

THE SO-SO: I guess my time was good considering the crowds and my lack of good runs in the past couple of weeks but I still wish it was a little bit faster. My official time for the 4.2 mile run was 31:47.
Total Finishers: 22,440
My Overall Place: 1,191
Total Female Finishers: 11,528
My Female Place: 154

I finished, raced back back to the house and got ready for the Phoenix ZOO!!  By the time we got to the zoo it was really hot, I put on sunblock 3 times yesterday (only got a little sunburned). 

Want the inside scoop of awesome blog giveaways??? Ok, I will tell you! So here is the deal... check out 5 Miles Past Empty's blog (HERE) for a chance to win a free Allied Medal Display! They are bomb! If you don't know what they are you can check them out on Facebook (HERE) or their website (HERE). 

Now I better get back to quilting... I have been slacking and Jessica graduates in like 2 1/2 weeks!! YIKES I better kick it up a gear!

Happy Running!!