Monday, December 6, 2010

A sad sad day...

For the first time ever... I called it quits mid run!  I can't believe it.  My knee wasn't hurting bad but it still just didn't feel right.  So before I let it start hurting real bad, I turned around and jogged back to the house.  This week was planned for a 5 + 8 + 5 + 16 = 34.  Doesn't look like I am gonna make my 153 miles in December... I already cut 20 last week and today I cut another 3 (I only made it 2 miles today). I just have to keep my goal in mind--- Finish (without walking). I HAVE to be injury free to be successful. After I got back to the house, the 2 mile jog stiffened up my knee, so the resting continues!  BOOOO!!  I will keep you posted but I think I might have to cut my 8 miles tomorrow... :( 



  1. Hey Kristal! how is the knee? I hope it is doing better with some rest! What plan are you using for your training? If you have a chance you should read Hal higdon's Marathon: The Ulitmate Training Guide. He has some really good info in there about training and mileage buildup. Hopefully yours is an overuse injury as opposed to a serious, more structural problem. I was looking at your monthly mileage and you took a huge increase from Oct to Nov. That will do it...they say you should only increase by like 10% max then take a step back. That will help prevent injury. hopefully you can get back out there soon!

  2. Hey!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope your knee feels better soon. This is really bumming me out not running but I know that rest is the best thing. I am going to try running tomorrow - nice and slow. You are quite the speedster with your times! very impressive.

  3. I noticed your comment on the Running Diva's blog so I decided to check out yours. Sorry to hear you have knee pain.

    If your pain is right below your kneecap, not on either side, then it's probably runner's knee as opposed to a cart.tear. I suggest you cut your milege by 50 to 75 % for a little while and plan some total rest days, especially after long runs or speedwork days.

    A little rest might be all you need. Also, think about cross-training like stationary bike work to make up for the lost mileage. This will help strengthen your knee and prevent further injury.

    I hope this helps.