Saturday, December 4, 2010

Slacking vs. Resting

I am resting I swear...  My knee is definitely bum!  It is soooooo hard for me to "rest", I just feel like I am slacking, being lazy! My only goal for this whole process is to be able, come Marathon day, run 26.2 miles without stopping.  This goal can not be reached if I am injured.  I must rest and recover from this little mishap so I can finish strong!  The words from my wise and very old brother... "Good thing this thing [injury] happened now and not a week before the race."  I would have rather it not happed at all but he is right!  So, for now, I rest... I went for a walk today with the dogs and the knee tweaked a little bit.  I was going to try a short run this weekend but after the walk I am nixing that idea.  I am now shooting for Monday, 5 miles... Don't know if my knee will be ready but I am optimistic. 

Tim and I attempted to take some photos today for Christmas cards.  We didn't use either of these photos but I thought they were cute! We ended up using a photo of just us two and left the animals out!

The Zoo...

The pups and me!

The exciting news on the home-front... Kristal might be getting a road bike for X-Mas!  Cross your fingers!  They are pricey but will be way less of an impact on my body so I can do this physical working out stuff forever!!  :)  


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