Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting my run on!

Finally getting to put some miles behind me!  The knee is holding in there but just doesn't feel great.  Yesterday I set out for a 13 mile run, I completed 11.  I could feel my knee tightening up somewhere around mile 5, I knew I wasn't going to make the 13.  I told my self that I will stop on an odd number... 7, 9, 11 or 13.  After hitting each milestone I would reassess my knee. At the 7 mile marker the knee felt off but not really hurting, so I pushed on to mile 9.  I could feel that when I started to slack on my stride it ached a little.  As I was finishing up mile 10, the aching seemed to be a little more sporadic.  I knew fo-sho somewhere between mile 10 and 11, that 11 was going to be my magic number!  I am very pleased with 11 miles.  It is a little depressing when I look at my original training program... Yesterday was supposed to be my first 18 mile training run!  I will just have to keep on doing what I can and try not to push myself past the breaking point again!  

On a positive note!!  I love, love, love the road bike.  I can definitely see a triathlon in the near future!  I am also done with school until January 18th!  By the start of next semester I will officially be a "MARATHONER".  Thursday morning we are taking off to drive up to Washington to see my folks!  YEAH!!!  A plus to this- My little brother Danny is coming with!!!!  The holiday spirit is slowly creeping up on me and I am feeling great.  Next week while Timmy is at school, I will be baking!  So if anyone has any great recipes that they wouldn't mind sharing with me, that would be greatly appreciated!!  

Happy Holidays!!!


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