Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little bit is better than nothing!

I attempted to run this morning... I made it 4.25 miles. I had to stop just after 2 miles because I was certain that I was going to barf, surprisingly I didn't! It seems like these days I get a little run in when I can but haven't been sticking to the schedule. I think part of my problem this morning was not fueling beforehand. I got up, dressed, drank a glass of OJ, got Tyson and took off running. (p.s. It was the OJ that was coming up during the run!) I was up and running by 7am and didn't even use an alarm! Perhaps I still haven't recovered from the weekend. I know that I can't keep using the blood giving as an excuse but I have plenty of others... On a more positive note, Tyson has became the perfect running buddy. OK, maybe not perfect but he does good. I feel so bad leaving Jack behind but every time I bring him he ends up not running and I either drag him or carry him.

I got a new running outfit from my momma and daddy today!!  I love getting that kind of mail, makes my day! It is super cute. It is a black and white Adidas top and bottom. I think I might break them in tomorrow... (maybe).

Also I would just like to point out that my cousin Jamie and I made the best Easter eggs EVER this year! We would have won some sort of contest if we entered them, I am sure of it! We had a blast this weekend. We sat at the pool (had a little encounter with a thinks she is all that and a bag of chips mexican chick...), saw Mumford & Sons in concert (bitchin'), shot guns in the desert (found a wild cactus!), made super cool Easter eggs (pictured below!), went to an Easter brunch with some local friends (played board games and hung out), hiked hole in the rock (Jamie found a huge snake) and got a tan in the mean time!! WHOOP WHOOP

Are these not the coolest Easter eggs you have ever seen???  

Well the school semester is almost over... and summer is here! I am so ready for this break from school! OH SHNAPS.... I have to finish Jessica's quilt! :) Hope you have a good week! I will be out camping at the lake this weekend, hopefully I can get a good run in!

-Happy Running

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