Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's been too long...

So here is my story.  I ran 11 miles on 12/18 and a 4 miler on 12/20.  Then I headed out on a ROAD TRIP north!  I went home to Washington for my Christmas vacation.  Surprisingly it wasn't that fun to drive 25 hrs, it's just too far/long.  I also found out that sitting in a vehicle hurts my knee... OH NO, not good!  So I decided to give it a little rest, plus I didn't feel like running in the snow!  This Arizona runner brought shorts and t-shirts north to run in, Silly-Silly-Kristal.  So after taking almost 2 weeks off... yesterday, I hit the road for a "long" run.  (Sad Face Here)  I only made it 3 1/2 miles before I called it quits.  The knee just doesn't want to work right.  And for the bomb shell news----- I called the doctor as soon as I got back from walking home, I was about 2 miles from the house when I stopped running.  The P.F. Changs Rock'n'Roll Marathon is the 16th and I will be seeing the doc the 11th.  Looks like I might be walking my first Marathon.  On a more positive note, next time I do a marathon, it will for sure be another PR!!  I guess this is just the way life goes sometimes but I will keep pushing on and someday I will RUN a marathon.  Today I am going to take my new fancy road bike out for a long spin to boost my spirits, as long as my knee holds out, I will be going strong.  The bike is way less impact so I hope to get some good miles in! 

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and I hope the new year brings great things for everyone!  


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