Sunday, March 27, 2011

Headaches SUCK!

I would really like for these frequent headaches I have been dealing with to go away!!! Running with a headache was a horrible idea... With every step I took came an intense throbbing sensation. At one point I thought my eyes were gonna pop out! I finished my run but it wasn't pretty and I felt like pooo. 

I am still struggling with short runs. My legs are heavy and I just can't seem to move them. Biking seems to be a little bit easier but I haven't done any super long rides in awhile. I made a super awesome running plan to follow to build my miles back up. I will just stick with it and I am sure I will improve!

The idea of a gym membership is still hanging over my head. I really want to start swimming but the pool on base isn't open and won't open until the summer time. I really wanted a gym with an outdoor lap pool. I found a really nice facility but I just am not down with paying someone to workout! I already pay enough to run/compete in races! I could always hit up the YMCA, they are considerably less expensive but no outdoor pool. Oh what to do! 

Well this post is lame... I will work harder to write up something you guys actually want to read. I only wrote this one because Jessica was asking what was up with this whole blog thing!!  :) Good things to come!


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