Thursday, March 3, 2011

A rough week...

Week Recap (February 27th - March 5th) *** Notice the week isn't over yet!***

Sunday- Crash on Bike Ride!
Monday- Trip Over Dog During a Run!
Tuesday- Afraid to go Outside!
Wednesday- Successful 4 Mile Run!
Thursday- Crash on Bike Ride!
Friday- Thinking of repeating Tuesday....
Saturday- Thinking of repeating Tuesday.... 

My Birthday is on Monday the 7th... Maybe someone (I don't want to mention names but it was probably Jessica, everything is her fault!) thought I should finish up year 26 with a bang! Literally all banged up... is this what people mean by that? I have been rather lucky thus far. I've only gotten minor injuries from these tiny yet irritating disasters. However, I am afraid to get in a pool to start my swim training. The only misfortune I can think of is drowning..... NOT GOOD! But as you can see my left knee is healing up nicely with just a tint of blue under the skin and a small scab. Surprisingly that little scab is super sensitive though! I am sure I will attempt a workout tomorrow... I will do so with extreme caution! 

Wish me luck on my endeavors... I need all the help I can get! Anyone want to COME along and witness my clumsiness???? 

With my head always full of ingenious ideas, I think I love this one the most! I want a workout suit made of bubble wrap, made specially for me! I don't think that would be a bad investment right about now.

:) Happy Running, Swimming & Biking!  :)


  1. Totally need the bubble wrap suit!!! That would be awesome!!!

    And yes, it must be Jessica's fault! =) I think you will have a repeat of Wednesday!! THink positive!! Good luck!

  2. LOL love the bubble wrap suit! And nothing is ever my fault anything that goes wrong ever was because either you or amanda talked me into doing it!