Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remember that one time...


My mojo is still missing and it sucks! I totally can't even run 5 miles without feeling like I am gonna pass out! Yesterday's horrific run was pathetic at best. I made it 2.5 miles and had to stop for a second. I was seeing stars and could see the color draining from me. As I felt a numbing sensation melt over my face and down my neck, I looked down at my arms and literally saw them turning white. I was thinking of calling Tim to come and pick me up but the feeling passed and I took off running again. I wanted to quit the run many times after that but I settled for slowing down. I set out for 5 miles and that is what I did!!!! I will take slow at this point, as long as I am finishing. I am confident that with time I will build back up my endurance and be a rockstar runner again!

Yesterday Run
Total Miles: 5
Average Pace: 8:47
Fastest Mile: 8:15
Slowest Mile: 9:07
Cool Down: 2 minutes... 0.17/11:22

Mark another 5 miles down for my quest for 1,000 miles this year!

Happy Running!!
   - Kristal

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