Friday, March 18, 2011

I think my mojo is in a bag somewhere....

KRISTAL LOST HER MOJO!... and it was in the form of whole blood!

I donated blood on Tuesday. I just can't seem to move my legs! They felt like a ton of bricks today. It was awful. My run on Wednesday was horrible too, I only made it 3.85 miles and had to take a break because I got dizzy. At least today I made it 5 miles, actually I ran 4.5 and jogged the last 0.5 of the run.

Although our blood volume is back to normal within 48 hrs, our balance of nutrients within our blood is jacked up for bit longer! So I guess that donating blood reduces performance for three to four weeks because it takes that long for the blood hemoglobin levels to return to normal. (Hemoglobin is the metalloprotein that carries oxygen for our red blood cells) What was I thinking?! But if it helps save a life, than I will take the hit on my workouts for the next couple of weeks with a smile!

When was the last time you donated????

Happy Runnung ~ Kristal

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