Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lazy Days!

These days I have turned into a lazy bum. I have become the girl who just reads about running. I find myself making excuses not to work out. At first it was the move and starting school. But now its has turned into it's too cold, I need a gym membership, I don't have time, I will start again next week... and so on! The truth of the matter is that I need to suck it up and make time. Enough with the excuses!

Today is a new day!

You have to start somewhere. With my injury track record, slow and steady is going to be the key to my success. I ran 2 miles this afternoon. It was 45 and sunny so I seized the day and hit the road. I know it was short but it was sweet! I hope I can find the motivation and stick with it.

Happy Holidays!


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