Monday, February 28, 2011

TWO for TWO...

As if crashing on my bike next to a busy road wasn't enough! 

Today I set out on an easy 4 mile run... I figured it would be great to bring Tyson (My dog!) with because it was gonna be short and slow! Well, he got spooked by some enormous 5th grader and ran under my feet. I tumbled into the road! I have lovely road rash on my right shoulder... my right hip... my right butt cheek... and both hands! Not to mention a double bruised pride! This time in front of a bunch of kids! I defiantly didn't look cool...

I am afraid to workout outside now. What will be next? My knee from yesterday has now turned a lovely back'n'blue color. I guess it just isn't my month! I don't even want to drive to school tomorrow. With an ATV crash a couple weeks ago and my bike and running crash this week I think I have had enough beatings for this year! I hope so anyways!

Maybe I need to name my running shoes too!

February Recap!
ATV Dunes Adventure- 1 / Kristal- 0
30 Mile Bike Ride -1 / Kristal- 0
3.5 Mile Run-1 / Kristal- 0

No worries... I will get 'em next month!


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  1. Ah geeze!! That is awful!!! So been there too. I fell once in the middle of the street running through the cross walk, in front of UPS and a car full of soccer dudes. it was awful and hilarious at the same time! I's say bad luck comes in threes...your good now for like three years!