Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Issues Tuesday!

First is the cold!!! Me + Cold = Not Motivated!  I grew up in Washington state... Yet I still prefer hot weather over cold any day of the week. When Timmy and I moved here (Wisconsin) towards the end of the summer, it was great! Heat wave hot! And now... not so hot! I step outside and instantly just want to turn around and crawl back under some covers on the sofa. I would rather stay inside and read about working out than go out in the cold. A good workout for me is getting all hot and sweaty! This means I can only workout indoors until it is at least 70 degrees out... ok maybe I could do 60-65! Somehow I have still managed to stay somewhat on track with my workouts.

Secondly, the real problem with working out is that I eat, eat and eat some more! I am definitely counter productive here! I eat like three times what I normally eat when I have a good workout. I need to find some filling yet healthy snacks! This is why sometimes athletes can gain weight instead of loosing it! I don't want to be that girl. Maybe with my workout plan I need to have meal plan too.

Well other than me eating an excessive amount of food and it being horribly cold out, life is good!  I rocked out a couple awesome swim workouts last week and a kick-ass bike ride yesterday. Tim helped me move my indoor bike trainer back upstairs. I got to watch TV and bike!  Other than me regretting eating a mini bag of popcorn before the bike ride, it was a successful ride. Although I have been putting in a good amount of effort, I need to step it up! If I know my brother Andy, he is going to be able to kick my butt at all three sports because he is the 110% effort guy! I am hoping to get in a run and a swim today... wish me luck!


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