Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rock'nRoll Marathon- 0, Kristal Reszler- 1

Race Report!
Injured and ill prepared, Kristal still finished the P.F. Chnag's Rock'n'Roll Arizona FULL MARATHON! 

Pre-Race Photo OP
Beautiful Arizona sunrise to start the race!

Kristal is ready, ready to run! Bring It!

I am officially a "marathoner", Whoop, Whoop!! I knew there was no way I would be holding the pace I was running before the knee injury but I was gonna go out guns smokin'... I decided 8:30-ish would be a good starting point.  I totally lost that pace and by the time I was finishing up, crawling was looking like an option! Here is how it all went down....

Splits/Graph (click to enlarge)

Race Photos By Tim!
Mile 5, still looking fresh! 21 miles to go...

Me holding up the 1-1, represent! (Mile 11)

Trying to smile... A quick stop in mile 19 to put one the knee brace!

Coming into the Finish! Hurting Bad!!

Smile for the Finish!


Ice and ready to GO HOME!

If... I don't fall over!

So what are my excuses for running slow why was this Marathon challenging?

  • Mile 7 was slow due to a emergency pit stop (Power Poo).  
  • Mile 16 was me hitting the "WALL"... Note that 16 miles was my longest training run due to the knee injury! So I just told myself, hold 9:30-ish for as long as you can, keep on keeping on!
  • Mile 19 was a pit stop to put on my knee brace. At this point I thought my knee was going to fall off.
  • Mile 21 and on was me hanging on wishing I hadn't been injured and been able to train more!
  • Mile 25 I really felt like walking, crawling, anything but "running", well actually it was more like a jog but still sucked!

Overall it was a success because I finished.  So, will I do another one? Right now... NO WAY! Maybe you should ask me again in a few months.  I have an MRI/x-ray on Tuesday.  I think I am going to focus on a Triathlon! And I really love 1/2 Marathons, maybe I will just stick to those for awhile.

P.S. I love my husband, thanks for the support!

-Kristal OUT


  1. Congratulaions Kristal! So sorry you were hurting but what a rush for you. Great Job! What an accomplishment!

    Brad, Tonya and family (Anderson)

  2. congrats! you did amazing.

  3. great pics MARATHONER~ you look great! heal quickly! CONGRATS...and welcome to the club!!

  4. YAY!!! You did it!!! congrats!! Now go heal that knee!!! Your time is pretty amazing, aside from being injured!! Great job!