Monday, January 31, 2011

And so it began...

I started off my glorious day cleaning! My house is top to bottom clean, clean, clean! I love a clean house, but who doesn't?! Today was the day... I started P90X/Tri-Training! I am going having to change up my training schedule a little bit, just until I get access to a pool. Tim and I need to make a trip up to Luke Air Force Base to get an ID so I can use the gym on base. I am too cheap to pay for a gym membership! Luke is about 10 miles from the house so it will make a good run or bike to the pool! 

So when Tim got home from school, we took off for our 12 mile bike ride! It was so windy! Like crazy windy! Tim and I pushed on! Unfortunately my knee started aching around mile 4, by mile 8 it was hurting but we were on our way home! The only thing was... home was 4 miles away! Our total mileage shows we are pretty hardcore for just starting out.  I think we push each other to keep going. On Friday, we biked just under 8 miles too! It is nice to have a workout buddy!

So then I moved on to... P90X baby!  Chest and Back + Ab Ripper X. It was hard and I am weak! I pushed through it the best I could. I will improve with time and a little hard work. Chest and Back had a lot of push-ups and pull-ups.  It also used a little bit of weights.  Ab Ripper X.... well I did the best I could with that but I was a little tired by the time I got to it.  

Today was successful.  I am proud of myself!  Now time for dinner, a movie and bed!  See you tomorrow!


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