Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who Me? Yay You! Couldn't Be... Than Who!

Well Amanda from 5 Miles Past Empty thinks I’ve got a super stylish Blog! No I am not blushing... the sun is bringing out my freckles!  I have never won anything on a blog before!  I feel all so special!!!


Thanks again Amanda!! I am more than honored!! I need the love to get more followers! Followers are a magical entity that motivate me to keep going strong! So if you haven't checked out Amanda's blog do so, she is awesome (Click Here).

Here are the rules.
1.  Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2.  Share 7 things about yourself.
3.  Award 7 other bloggers.   Sorry, gone with 6….
4.  Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award

So Here is goes…

Thing 1
I ran my first Marathon last weekend (Rock'n'Roll Arizona Marathon)!  It is an accomplishment that I am so000 proud of.  It feels great to officially be in the "club"... the Marathoners Club.  I was having knee problems (possibly a torn meniscus) so I ran it under trained and in pain... but I finished.  It felt awesome to cross the finish line but I couldn't walk for the next two days. I think I am going to focus on 1/2 Marathons and Sprint Triathlons for awhile. 

Thing 2
I am an Army Veteran!  I served 5 years active duty and deployed twice. I deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, running kept me from going insane over there.  I ran my first 10 Miler and 1/2 Marathon while deployed.  

Thing 3
I am a nursing student... hopefully.  I will find out for sure if I got a spot doing my clinical requirements here at ASU in a few months.  Cross your fingers! 

Thing 4
I secretly want to be a cop... and not the  skanky type that comes out in October!  A real life police woman that gets to carry a gun and catch bad guys.  I want to taser someone make the world a better, a safer place, I want to make a difference! 

Thing 5
I got a sick road bike for Christmas!  Timmy got it for me, and my brother Andy got me areo-bars for it! I love love love it!  It is the most awesome bike ever.  I still need to name it but I want to get a few more miles on it first.  I need to FEEL the name, get a connection before I name it.  I might spin off of Amanda's idea to have followers name it (with my final approval of course)!

Thing 6
I love quilting!  Looking at the finished product makes me feel accomplished.  Some people watch TV or take naps in their free time, not me, I quilt!  I have something to show for my wasted time!  Then... I give them away which gives me the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with making someones day, week, month, year, lifetime... 

Thing 7 
I miss Washington but would settle for anywhere in the PNW!  I miss the green landscape.  I miss snow capped mountains. I miss clean rivers and lakes. I miss my family and friends.  But mostly I miss the girl I was when I left... It's crazy how long I have been gone. 

And the Award goes to...

1.) Our Love On The Run: I absolutely love reading their blog.  They inspire me to just have fun with my blog, my running and my love... Hopefully I can get Timmy to start running so we can blog our adventures too!

2.) I am Boring: Now this is one funny dude! He makes blogging fun!  He also has inspired me to rock out the Rock'n'Roll series too.  Maybe next year! 

3.) Grand Adventures of Michaela: She motivates me to finish school and become a nurse!  Plus she is just and awesome woman! 

4.) Keep on Keeping on: Now thats a title to keep you running! She is such a sweetheart and is super positive and motivating! 

5.) The Running Diva: She an Army wife and a rockstar!  We have the same camera but she takes way better pictures than me! Thanks for all you do for our country! 

6.) Silly Girl Running: Because we are both silly and who doesn't love silly people!  :) 


  1. Thank you Kristal! I don't know if I have anyone to tag but I will do it! I am so excited and hoping you get your clinical spot!
    Maybe one day you will go back and be a Cop nothing wrong with that and with Military background makes sense!
    I am so grateful for your service to our country.
    I want to start quilting, my family does a lot and are pretty amazing, I do more crocheting right now.
    I understand missing it here. When I lived in NM I felt the same way. Now I am ready for a new adventure.
    I really want a bike. Jason brought over his mountain bikes and I really like riding but one day I will have a road bike.
    by the way I hope your knee is ok and that you can get it all squared but amazing job on your marathon!

  2. Love it!!!! Good luck with nursing school! I'm sure you will get in! But I will have my fingers crossed just in case. Oh and I secretly want to be in the FBI. One of Jonathan's friends said he would get me through the process...I'm dragging my feet because it's, well, CRAZY!!

  3. Super sweet!! Thanks for the tag! I didn't know you are a PAC 10 gal! I went to WSU and still live in Cougar Country!

    Thank YOU for your service and sacrifice...what a rock star! Definitely go for the nurse thing...that is what I wanted to do...labor and delivery but took a slightly different path!