Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What the torn meniscus is going on here...

I went to see my PA today. Drum roll please! The bad news is that she thinks I have a torn meniscus! Oh wow! Really? An x-ray and MRI is to be scheduled for confirmation.  So here is the plan-- well not really a plan but the scoop/the down low... I have been "resting" my knee so much lately that I haven't been putting in the miles. I have gone on a few bike rides here and there but definitely not sticking to any training plan WHAT-SO-EVER. The big race is Sunday... I have decided to change my goal from completing it without walking to just completing it!  The doc gave me a knee brace and told me to listen to my body during the race. She didn't say I couldn't do the race, she didn't even say that I had to walk! The only thing she said could possibly happen by running on this is the torn cartilage, depending on how it is torn, could flip/flop and catch on the surrounding ligaments. So bring on the miles and pain meds! Marathon, here I come! It might not be fast but I WILL FINISH! I am gonna go out strong and hold it for as long as I can... slow down if I need to and walk if I must! One way or another I am crossing that finish line!  :)  

Yours Truly- Silly Kristal 


  1. Ah geeze! No wonder you were in so much pain! Good luck with your marathon! Sorry you are injured!

  2. Good luck! The good news is the next one if you decide to do one will be better! I am sorry about your meniscus!