Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2

Well yesterday was Day 2... but I was too exhausted to write a post. The plan was to do P90X (Plyometrics) and then go for a run. Plyometrics is jump training and is what P90X refers to as the “Mother” of all workouts. I was a little worried about how the knee would hold up but I think it did ok. For most of the exercises there was modified ways to perform them with a little less impact. The knee was a little tweaky so I decided not to push it and skipped the run. I KNOW! I haven’t ran in forever! I justified my skip because today I am going hiking… I know it isn’t running but supposedly the only way injuries get better is if you rest them. Plyometrics, a run followed by a hike might be over doing it just a little bit. I really need to get that ID card so I can SWIM. Swimming would be great for the knee!

Today I am going on a hike with my 2 puppies! I will be meeting up with a friend and her 2 dogs! Hopefully we can manage the 4 little terrors! After the hike, maybe before the hike, I will do my P90X for today. The plan is Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper X! I am still sore from Monday... I will push through it though! Pain is weakness leaving the body!

I know its nothing like the midwest... but Arizona is literally freezing out this morning! A whopping 31 degrees and WINDY! I think it's a good morning for some oatmeal! Yum Yum Yum!



  1. brrrr that is cold for Arizona. I think it is colder there than where I am right now (Vancouver)

    check this website out has ways to prevent running injuries

  3. UGGGGGGG what is UP with this weather!?!?!? I'm cold right now just thinking about it. My inlaw's fountain froze solid!