Friday, February 25, 2011

Starting Over!

It is tough work starting over again! After my JELLO legs on Tuesday, I though the week would be a bust. Oh boy was I wrong... Tim and I rocked out 20 miles on the bike yesterday and I ran 6 miles today!! YEAH BABY! I feel so refreshed after a decent run. I kinda fell off of P90X, except for Ab Ripper X but it's ok because the biking and running is kicking my butt!

The splits for my 6 mile run today were:
Mile 1- 7:58
Mile 2- 7:58
Mile 3- 7:59
Mile 4- 7:56
Mile 5- 8:01
Mile 6- 7:53
Average- 7:58
Total Time- 47:46

This weekend is calling for RAIN... I know right! My outdoor running and biking might be on hold until the weather breaks. I can always catch up on school work and P90X... or I can sit around and be lazy all weekend. I could always work on Jessica's quilt. Decisions! Decisions! It might be rainy this weekend but next weekend it should be sunny with a high in the 70's up to 80 degrees! That's the Arizona spring weather we love so much. I might try and talk Tim into a camping adventure.

Happy Running!

~ Kristal


  1. Nice run!! And yes, Jessica's quilt! She was telling me that you need to finish that thing and sooooon! HA!! OR you could go ahead and register for that tri!!