Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I feel alive again!!!

After taking it easy on my knee for the last month, I finally went on a RUN again!!  I feel so happy inside, like really really happy! AND.... wait for it... wait for it... my knee feels awesome! The time off was much needed but I am glad to be back! I forgot how much I enjoy running. It's sooo boring, I love it! It was slow but it felt great to run again. I ran a whopping 5 miles @ 8:21 pace. I lost some speed in my time off but I will bounce back. So, I have mostly been biking, running is so much harder! I didn't really appreciate my new fancy bike until just now. My pace this afternoon wasn't fast but it wasn't slow either... but compared to biking I felt like I wasn't even moving. This whole triathlon transitioning is going to be tough! Any advise from some veteran triathletes? 

Recovery Drink ** Shower ** Apple Crisp + Ice Cream ** Bedtime!

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It's good to be back! Happy Running- Kristal