Monday, February 28, 2011

And down she goes!

Saturday was icky out but Sunday afternoon the weather cleared up! Tim and I grabbed our bikes and headed north to get on a bike trail. It was our first adventure to the urban bike trail and it was AWESOME! The trail had bi-passes that went under every road. (No stopping for traffic!) We followed the trail along the canal for about 15 miles and then turned around to head back to the truck. For a grand total of 30 miles!

Oh but that isn't the whole story... I crashed about 25 miles into our ride! Well, I really just fell over at a slow rate of speed. It's actually hard to explain but I will do my best! We were riding along the trail and missed the bi-pass under the road. We headed up this hill to cross at the road. I was following behind Tim, a little too close! He stopped at the street... However I didn't see him stop because I was looking down to un-clip a foot. When I looked up, there he was! I swerved sharply to the same side I had just un-clipped. I had no room to put my foot down so I let go of my handle bar and braced myself for the fall. It was like super slow motion but I survived.

The inside of my knee, totally weird placement considering I fell on my side, got a little raspberry on it.  My wrist took most of the impact so it is a little stiff but otherwise I am GOOD TO GO! I think my pride was hurt the most... not only was Tim laughing at me but so were the people driving by! (Thankfully Tim didn't think of pulling out his iPhone for a photo shoot like 5 Miles Past Empty's friends!)

I crashed a few times as a kid on my bike and once on my mountain bike as an "adult", but this was my first crash with my new fancy road bike! I am still breaking it in... Well maybe it is safe to say it is nice and broken in now! 

I think it is time for a NAME!!!!!! 

Got any good ideas? Help a sister out!



  1. Hilarious they you and amanda crash on the same day!

  2. Nice!! I cracked up so hard at the picture you chose to put up! And yes, mine was a super slow motion fall too. nothing really damaged but the pride. But actually again, i was cracking up, couldn't stop laughing. My wrist hurts too but it's getting better...glad no serious damage was done, to either of us or our bikes! =)

    Hm, name for your bike? I'll think on it and report back!