Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh so easily distracted....

I skipped the whole weekend of working out!  But it was well worth it, plus I feel like I still got a workout playing around this weekend.  So what did I do?  I went to the Imperial Sand Dunes!!!  Timmy and I took the quads out and road our little hearts out.  And then... I made the mistake of saying "Lets go out for one more ride before we head home...." YUP! The truck was all packed up and then I said the famous last words before the CRASH!  YUP! YUP! YUP! Never fails! It sucked and now my neck hurts.  I took yesterday off because I was still cleaning the sand out of all our camping gear and clothes, not to mention I can't really move my head.  It's nothing too bad, it's just a little stiff.

(Tim and I look like "bad-asses")

(Couldn't resist....)

(Miles and miles of awesome riding!)


I should have taken some pictures of the bigger dunes but my nice camera didn't fit in the camelpak we brought. (Didn't want to get it all sandy) So I just grabbed the little crappy one to snap a few shots! Well, after the 2 exams last week and another 1 earlier today, I think it's time to kick my butt back in gear. Ab Ripper X here I come! Oh and I want to punch those tiny girls that post on Facebook that they fit into 0's, 3's or even 5's.... It's really not fair that I have child bearing hips because I will never fit into something smaller than a 7! Not to mention that I workout... most defiantly work harder than 95% of those bimbos! OK, I am done. Have a nice day!


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  1. Yeah, those tiny girls that are "skinny fat"? The ones who never work out but are thin as a rail but get winded walking 1/2 a mile? yeah, I'll never be that tiny either but pretty sure we are healthier than they are. **sigh**

    The quads look fun!! Live the sandy pic with you and Tim= <3! =) So cute and the sand looks really cool!

    Sorry about your crash! hope you get to feeling better. (Plus I'm on to you, I think you are trying to make Jessica feel sorry for you so she will come see you and not ME!!! HAAA HAAA!)

    p.s. thanks for sharing her BTW! =)