Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Bad Run Day...

This run was a struggle from the get-go, I finished all 6 miles but it wasn't pretty.

The Bad:

  1. Brrrr.... It was really cold out there!  I am used to running in weather a little bit warmer than 40 degrees!  
  2. My legs are still a little tight from the DoubleHeader on Sunday. 
  3. Both knees ached like a bus ran them over in the middle of the night. (I am sure it was the cold!)
  4. I had boogies running down my face faster than my feet were on the pavement.
  5. I couldn't keep a consistent pace if my life had depended on it. 
  6. I ran with a CamelBak for the first time, it was heavy and awkward. (Hope I can get used to it for my longer runs!)
  7. I am stressed to the max right now, which meant I had 6 miles to do nothing but think... (Not Good!)
The Good:
  1. I finished!
I am allowed to have a bad run day every once in a while right?  Mark it down, the bad run bug bit me and it's officially a bad run day for Kristal!  (SAD FACE HERE)  Well I won't let this get me down, tomorrow I have an easy 4 miles then the big 1/2 on Saturday!  

Yesterday 11/9: 4 Miles: 29:42 (7:25 pace)
Today 11/10: 6 Miles: 47:23 (7:54 pace)



  1. I'm sorry that sucks! At least it was today and not on the half! Happy Veterans day to you and Tim!

  2. Yep, totally allowed those bad days. I chock em up and hope I've paid my dues so they wont happen on race day...but boy, when they do...that sucks ROYALLY.

    And nope, not gonna change my 1/2 guess becuase I think you'll go fast.