Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Run or Run

Week 8: 10 miles down... 18 to go!  Monday I ran 4 miles.  My legs were still feeling the half on Saturday but I managed to finish.  Other than getting a cramp in my side it was a decent run.  (4 miles in 29:58-7:29 pace)  Today I ran 6 miles.  I felt my legs were still tired but not sore anymore.  I headed out for my 6 miles and finished all 6 at a decent rate.  (6 miles in 46:35-7:46 pace)  My pace got slower and slower but the average pace was OK.  Other than hitting one stoplight, it was go-go-go!

(Click Pictures to Enlarge Stats!)

I have 4 miles on Thursday and 14 miles on Saturday.  As I was writing up my blog, I managed to scarf down some peaches,  cottage cheese and two pieces of toast!  Shower time!  


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