Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A solid seven.

Today was a solid seven mile run.  I started out just a little bit fast but it just felt so good to finally run without being sick.  I still had some flem creep up and out of me, however it was much more tolerable than the previous week. I also waited to run until it warmed up in the afternoon hours.   

Mile 1- 7:21
Mile 2- 7:31
Mile 3- 7:43
Mile 4- 7:43
Mile 5- 7:46
Mile 6- 7:41
Mile 7- 7:47

Total 7 Miles- 53:36 (7:39 Average Pace)

Yesterday I ran 4 miles but was still super boogie girl.  It was an unpleasant run to say the least, not to mention that my time totally sucked for only being 4 miles (30:51-7:42 pace).  I really pride myself in pushing forward.  I listen to my body but never let the mind fool it.  I made it through this cold without missing a run! Whoop Whoop!  Run on my friends, run on!


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  1. Good run! And BTW-----EWE!! Gross! I hate phlem and snot and all things related! =)