Monday, November 29, 2010

The Long Weekend

My aunt came down to AZ to visit for Thanksgiving!  We had a lot of fun quilting but the runs weren't so much fun...  The 16 miles of torture on Saturday might have set me back a bit, I will explain.  The first 8 miles were great, I felt good and was keeping the pace I wanted.  The first 8 miles were all between 7:53-7:59... then I hit the infamous wall. That darn wall got me last week so I tried to fight it off with some sports drink and a marathon bar. Well, at about mile 11-12 that bar and drink came back up! Somewhere shortly after mile 8 I began chafing in my armpits of all places!  By mile 14 the muscle cramps took over and my legs kept giving out on me.  I should have stopped but my stubborn self wouldn't let myself "quit"... The awkward pounding and improper running stride has now injured my left knee...  After the run I could barely walk with that leg, on Sunday it felt a little better and today even better but I can still feel the pain deep in my knee.  I was suppose to run today but I am shuffling around my runs this week to give it an extra days rest, I really hope that I didn't just hurt-hurt myself. Only time will tell.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Run...

:) Kristal**

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