Monday, November 1, 2010

No more 3's...

Well my 3 mile days are over for now... won't see them until I start to taper!  My "short" run days have changed to 4 miles, in four weeks they will change again to 5 miles!  It still amazes me how amazing I am doing!  I look forward to running, hitting the road and completing my miles for the day!  This week I have a total of 24 miles planned.  

4 + 5 + 4 + 11 = 24

Todays run was fun!  Armed with my pepper spray, I hit the road running (didn't need it, didn't even see a dog). I ran my favorite route, the "big block"!  Reminds me of when I was a little kid...  For those of you who don't know my childhood stories, we had the little block and the big block.  Staying on the little block meant that you couldn't cross ANY street (alleys were ok), but the big block meant you couldn't cross  roads with two lanes of traffic.  I had some pretty awesome parents!  

My splits for the morning were: 7:45, 7:46, 7:39, 7:33  (Total- 30:45, Average-7:41)


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