Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Big Ten!

What? Did I just run 10 miles? Sure did! 

It felt awesome to hit the road and finally complete a double digit run!!!   Mark it down, I am officially something like a bad ass!  I love the feeling after defeating a milestone, I am on top of the world right now.  I could probably go back out an run another 10... OK, so maybe not 10 but you know what I mean.  I left the house a little later than I wanted to (7:30am), it was 73 degrees when I finished (felt way warmer).  Mile 9 totally sucked and I finished a little weaker than I was shooting for but there is always redemption next week! 

Next Saturday I have plans for 11 miles!  I might to the Phoenix 10K doubleheader... It would be the 10K and the 5K race back to back... then I would just run an additional 2 miles...  (Hope Jess comes down, it would make it super fun!) 

Phoenix 10K 2010 - 35th Annual logo

It was a big week, not only did I do my first double digit run but I also pushed into the 20+ miles a week!  Its amazing how far a little determination will get you.  For any of you out there thinking of taking on this challenge, I know you can do it!  Nobody said it would be easy... but the hard work is the fun part! 

Hard Work + Motivation = More Hard Work
**Seems like the harder I push myself the more I want to!**
(Or a "positive feedback loop" for all you smart people out there!)


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