Sunday, October 24, 2010

Camping, Running, Good Times!

I wish I could stay at the lake forever!  I finally got the view I had been hoping for BUT all good things come at a price.  The price for my beautiful desert lake view-- 8 MILES OF HILLS!! Ouch! Yikes!  Not only did I have a hilly terrain to conquer, I also left the campsite without my water and sun glasses!  I was wishing I had water from about mile one... at mile 5 I spotted a water fountain outside a restroom area, finally a little water!  I planned the remainder of my route around restrooms in the park that I would be able to get some water from.  I found myself squinting a lot but managed just fine without the sunglasses.  My legs felt like a bowl of Jello, I would have to say it was a pretty good run, it was a success!   

(8 Miles, 8:10 Pace, 1:05:24 Total Time)

A view from the top!

Me and my boys! (Tyson, Kristal, Tim and Jack)

When I am not running I live in Crocs!  
I am sporting khaki shorts, mid calf white socks and Camo Mammoth Crocs!

You Know You Love It....


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  1. You know my opinion on crocs! I bet they would look cool if you were melting them in the fire! Otherwise NO GO! Glad you had a good run, you need to train on hills if you are going to come to washington to run!