Friday, October 22, 2010

The Ultimate Fairgoer!

Go big or go home!  There is nothing quite like ruining a run day by going to the fair!  It all started at the house when I was getting ready... I ate a caramel apple!  YUM!  I arrived at the fair grounds hungry for the good greasy food that was sure to be at any decent fair.  I started out with a burger topped with cheese, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes (No Sauce! Yuck!) and of course a basket of fries.  YUM!  It was dripping with grease and I ate up every little bite!  We walked around aimlessly for a little while (Played the AZ Lotto, hope'n to win the mega million!) and worked up an appetite for sweet corn.  Who goes to the fair and doesn't eat sweet corn?   YUM!  Then we rocked out to Blake Shelton!  Awesome!  Once again I was ready for another snack... I headed straight for the funnel cake stands, I opted for the classic funnel cake with powder sugar topping!  YUM YUM YUM!!!  We road the Ferris wheel and I was ready for more!  CHEESE FRIES!  A huge block of cheese fries!  YUM!  I don't think I need to eat for at least a week... I had a blast, every bite was worth it!

In the sheep barn!

Play'n the Lotto, wish us luck!

Blake Shelton concert! 

Death by cheese fries!

It was a good day!  I ran an amazing run in the AM and ate like a queen in the PM!  Now I am going to have to work extra hard on Saturday to make up for my night out!  Although it felt like I walked at least 10 miles last night, I still feel a little guilty!  Time to get back to work!!


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  1. NIce glad you had fun! Have a good run today and enjoy camping!