Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jessica's Post!

Jessica, my dearest cousin... You have requested for me to "start posting your garmin stats! Elevation, HR and Pace!"   I tried to find a way to copy the cool graphs from my Garmin Training Center but me and computers don't do well together so I hope this will satisfy you!

Average HR-165 BPM 
Max HR- 173 BPM
Resting HR- 59 BPM
Average Pace- 7:57 Per Mile
Max Pace- 6:55 Mile
Average Speed- 7.5 MPH
Max Speed- 8.7 MPH
Total Distance- 4 Miles
Total Time- 31:48
Total Calories- 427 
Total Ascent- 262 ft
Total Descent- 271 ft

Route! Sorry about the extremely squiggly lines.... but this is roughly where I ran this morning!

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