Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Official...

OK folks, it's official... I just signed up for the Phoenix 10k Doubleheader (10K+5K "back-to-back") and the Shun the Sun 1/2 Marathon. Whoop Whoop!  


I hope Jessica makes it down to join me for the Phoenix 10K!  It kinda sucks that I have to keep running even after I finish the race but the race day motivation will easy my pain... Plus it gives me something to do while Tim is out at the sand dunes with the boys!

I have been eyeballing the Shun the Sun event for some time now and finally just went for it!  I am following this first-time/non-runners guide to running a marathon and it has one long run a week.  So I have a 12 mile run in week 7 and jump to a 14 mile in week 8... no 13...  So now I will be adding a mile to week 7 and running the half marathon...  :)   I hope that it doesn't mess me up too bad!  

The best and most reassuring thing that comes from doing organized races is safety.  The last few times I hit the road running, I have been getting a little too close for comfort with dogs!  I now have a pepper spray can that I will be running with.  I just don't know what else to do because now that the weather is nicer people are leaving their dogs out. (Nicer meaning the dog isn't going to die if they just leave it outside)  Also a big safety issue for me is running alone in a city with extremely high crime (scary).  I am in fairly good health so I don't think that I would need medical attention on a run, unless I got hit by a car or something, but it's always nice to have help just in case!  I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!  Stay out of trouble... and be safe! 



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