Thursday, October 7, 2010

Piglets and Breakfast!

It's not uncommon to find roadkill when running! Earlier this week I saw a flattened snake and a stiff chihuahua... but today, today I saw a piggy! I felt so sad seeing a roadkill piggy that I came home and cooked up some bacon and sausage!! Dang, that was some good pig! (Not the roadkill pig, the pig I had in my fridge!) YUM YUM YUM Oh yeah, the run was good, it was a "short" run day so I only had to run 3 miles! Saturday is a "long" run day, so I will be running 6 miles! 

My total run time was 23:25, average mile split was 7:48. My heart rate was between 160-171 BPM and I burned 321 calories! I will be contacting the all so intelligent Miss Jessica to get some graphs posted but for now... I give you my breakfast! 

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