Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Break It Down

Oh WOW!  That all I have to say about that!  
I am gonna have to break down this run with some bullet points... 


  • People having nativity scenes in their yards year round... but that isn't really the funny part!  The witches, ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, spider webs and all the other scary Halloween decorations chill'in with baby Jesus is the funny part!  And it seemed that the more elaborate the nativity scene the more the Halloween decor was too!  Maybe its just me but just something about it was hilarious! Passes at least 3 of these bazaar set ups.
  • People can't have just one chihuahua....  If there was one chihuahua in the yard, there was at least 4-5 more of those yippy little sh*ts around somewhere.  I must have passed 10-15 houses with multiple chihuahuas in them. 

  • Dogs... BIG DOGS, not chihuahuas...  People can we please not have your pits chasing and barking at me while I am trying to squeeze in a couple miles??   Two pits gave me a good scare today.  I probably ran into about 20 or so dogs that weren't on a chain/leash or in a fenced in yard...  They were just running around the streets!  The little ones aren't so bad but the big ones are scary!  See that heart rate jump just before mile 3?  Yeah that was the pits!


  • I live in a nice little neighborhood.  The houses and yards are well kept, people drive nice cars, we even have little community parks with green grass and little playgrounds for the kiddos.  But within 2 miles or so of our perfect little neighborhoods, people are living in some of the worst conditions!  Houses held together with plywood and metal scraps... broke down cars... mangy mistreated animals... children that should be in school walk'in the streets... It's just a darn shame!  I feel super selfish right about now, I need to find a way to help!  Any ideas??


  • I twisted my ankle!  BOOOOO and not like a scary ghost BOO but a this might really suck BOO!  It doesn't seem to be that bad but bad enough to make me finish my run and come straight back to the house and ice it....  I don't have to run tomorrow so I hope that a day rest will be enough!!!!!

  • Did I total just smash this run? Yes, yes I did!  I ran 5 miles in 39:02.  Oh yes, that is correct, a 7:48 mile pace!  Aside from my ankle stiffening up on me at the end, it felt good, and I kept pace pretty good!  

I have a short 3 mile run on Thursday and the BIG 10 mile run on Saturday!  I am excited! 

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  1. I hope your ankle feels better. Take it easy for your 3 on thursday so you can heal for the 10 on saturday! I will try to call you either tomorrow or friday! Miss you!