Thursday, October 21, 2010

What The 62 Degrees Is Going On Here???

The Run
I can't believe it myself, must be a dream!  I got up this morning and put on my usual shorts and tank-top.  I was prepared to sweat my little patooty off.  To my surprise I was cold... I know but it's true... only 62 degrees!  The sky was a dark blueish black, I thought for a minute that I might get dumped on but I was successful in dodging the rain.  Not only was the morning cloudy with a cool breeze but I also ended up running faster than I normally do!  Kristal is on a ROLL.  She is a running machine and is super stoked right now!  Life is good!  I ran 3 miles in 22:19, 7:26 pace!  Oh how I am gonna miss my 3 mile runs...

Arizona State Fair
Because I did so well this morning, I think I will reward myself with a trip to the state fair.  I will eat lots of junk food and rock out to Blake Shelton!  OK, you got me, I was already going to go but now I won't feel so bad for spoiling myself!!!  (Jess I know how much you like pictures so I will report the fair and post pictures for you!)

Camping This Weekend
This Saturday I have a 8 mile run planned but I will be on some campground here in AZ.  No worries, my Garmin will work at the lake!  Talk about a way better view than the ghetto streets of Avondale!  My run report will have to wait until Sunday.  (Jess I know how much you like pictures so maybe I will have Tim ride his bike next to me and snap a few shots of me running for you!)


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