Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too Late... Too HOT!

I hit the road running at 9:30am... big mistake!  The sun was high in the sky and there was no shade in sight.  I told myself to start off slower because I knew I would never make it if I started out fast. I wanted to average between 8:15-8:20.  I ended up averaging 8:26 for the 7 miles, I'll take it!  Although it felt as if death was upon me at about mile 4, I kept going... and at mile 5 I ran out of water!  It was about 84 degrees during the run, I would have bet it was in the 90's!!!  When I got home, I chugged a whole bottle of ice cold water! SOOOOO GOOOD!

Now its time to eat a bowl of MultiGrain Cheerios!  Good workout, good start to the weekend and an awesome end to Week 3 of training! Only 13 more weeks to go!! 

Kristal OUT!

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