Friday, October 8, 2010

Triathlon??? For Sure!

Tim and I biked 8 miles tonight! It was a good change up from running! Made me want to get a road bike and start training for triathlons!!  I see a triathlon in the near future, one hurtle at a time... I need to finish this marathon first!!!  Tomorrow I am going to show up and try to last minute register for the Cactus ChaCha trail run! It is a 7 mile trail run in the White Tank Mountain Regional Park, sounds exciting!!  Hopefully I can drag Tim out of bed to snap some photos for me. Now that Jess showed me how to post my Garmin results I will show you tomorrows run. Wish me Luck!!!!!


  1. Does your program call for cross training? or was that just for fun?

  2. I hope that you were able to do your trail run today! Jason just brought bikes to our house and I am pretty excited to start riding but I have heard how important a road bike is for tri's! Good luck on all your training!

  3. It was totally just for fun! I have a first time marathon book that I am following, you just read a chapter a week and I think later I am supposed to start core training!

    We have mountain bikes but I told Tim he could get me a road bike for X-Mas, we will see if he pulls through!

    Thanks for the support!!!